Ultrasonic testing machines

non-destruchtive testing (NDT)

Our core competence is the design, manufacture und installation of state-of-the-art test systems for the non-destructive testing for various industrial applications. With us you get both standard equipment as well as individually designed and designed testing machines according to your wishes.

An industry in which the innovative systems of L + R are in great demand is the railway industry. For this purpose, mechanics have been realized for various test tasks, e.g. Installations for testing wheel sets in installed condition and stationary wheel set testing systems. We also have developed concepts for the testing of solid and hollow shafts.

Prüfanlage Bahn Rad

The underfloor test facility (UFPE) is a fully automatic ultrasonic system for the testing of wheel sets in the installed state. In addition to supplying DB AG in Germany, this type of plant has already been exported to both Russia and China.

The components used in aviation must undergo strictest quality controls. Many well-known aircraft builders, as well as their suppliers, rely on L+R's testing mechanics for non-destructive testing. A wide range of linear mechanics and robotic systems are used to test aircraft and space travel components.

Ultrachallprüfmechanik im Box Design

Ultrasonic testing system for testing complex CFRP components using squirter technology.

In recent years, the quality requirements for heavy plates and their secondary products have steadily increased. The use of ultrasonic testing systems in rolling mills enables the manufacturer to test the plates fully automatically according to different standards and to record the test results accordingly.
Steel manufacturers worldwide rely on L+R's proven heavy plate testing systems.
Our product range includes the retrofitting of heavy plate testing in existing production lines as well as complete new designs. Due to many years of worldwide experience, we have the perfect solution for every customer.

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Typical layout of an ultrasonic heavy plate testing system for plate widths of up to 5 meters.