X-ray systems

non-destructive testing (NDT)

The non-destructive testing of pipes and billets also belongs to the performance spectrum of Laubinger + Rickmann GmbH & Co. KG. Here, systems for X-ray, ultrasonic, eddy current and fluorescent dye penetrant testing are planned and realized according to customer requirements.
The possibilities of application range from the pipe end test, through the weld seam inspection of longitudinal or spiral seam welded pipes to full body testing.

Quality certificates are necessary for the quality control of many types of pipes - particularly in areas relevant to safety, such as pipelines, etc., which are produced with the help of test equipment from L+R. Our branch partners are responsible for providing the X-ray and evaluation technology.

Röntgenanlage für längsnahtgeschweißte Rohre Übersicht 2

X-ray inspection for weld inspection of longitudinally welded pipes including the complete pipe handling of 6 to 18 meters long pipes