Straightening machines and systems

for the automotive industry

Aluminum castings have deviations from the desired geometry after the casting process and the subsequent heat treatment. Various variants for achieving the required dimensional accuracy before further processing are cost-intensive, e.g. high machining allowances in combination with elaborate cutting machining or the process of manual straightening. Automatic straightening systems offer the customer considerable cost and quality advantages in the case of the high number of parts in the industry. L+R straightening systems are used by leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers for straightening structural components, axle components, control housings, crankshafts and camshafts.

The first self-learning, fully automated straightening machine was installed in 1999 by L+R at the Daimler AG. Since then, the technology has been continuously developed and enhanced - it can be used flexibly for a wide range of component types and shapes.

For components with a large production volume, fully automated straightening machines and systems are the method of choice. With these machines, parts can be precisely brought into the desired shape tolerances within short cycle times, and the measured results can be documented.

vollautomatische Richtanlage für Längsträger

Innovative online measurement of the component during the straightening process combined with intelligent self-learning algorithms result in dynamic adaption to varying part properties. This achieves optimized cycle times and accurate straightening results.

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If the requirements include only a quality control or if fully automated systems can not be used economically due to the low production quantity, manual or semi-automatic measuring devices are suitable.

Messvorrichtung für Al-Strukturbauteile

Together with our customers we find the optimal solution for their application.

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